Fred Birchal

Details are an essential part of my work, even when the product is a minimalist one. Our daily lives are full of references which have built our society’s aesthetics, however, many of such references are kept subconscious. In my work I try to transform these subconscious references into symbols. 

My clients include The Academy, Ebay, ERSTE Bank, HarperCollins, Cheech and Chong, Salón del Cine de Barcelona and many others.


Clio Premiação


Noun Magazine – april 2015
Sleeping – Alternative designs for hotels – 2016. Non Architecture
Making – Alternative designs for factories – 2016. Non Architecture
Travis Talkin’ to You – 2016. Entercorporatement Ipanema/Sony
Communication Arts – Annual 56 – 2016
Minas Inesgotável – 2016. Ministério da Cultura
The Big Lebowski Art Collection – 2017. Edizioni del Frisco and so many others posts on blog and websites all over the world.